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Commodore Juliet St. Clair

Name Juliet Emma St. Clair

Position Task Force Executive Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 47 (9 January 2342)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Blue (greying at temples)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Juliet short and thin, to the point that she is often underestimated because of her stature. Her natural hair colour is brown but she dyes her hair bright colours, normally blue or purple, though in recent years she has permitted the grey at her temples to persist. She speaks with an accent from her native Birmingham, in what was once called the United Kingdom.

Juliet looks incredible for her age, as a result of a combination of the Federation’s advanced medicine, excellent genes, and an extremely thorough self care regimen. She has scars on her back and abdomen from knife wounds. Her fingernails, usually long and coloured blue, are fake, the real ones lost long ago.


Father Roger St. Clair (deceased)
Mother Katherine St. Clair (nee Watkins, 89)
Brother(s) William Sinclair (older brother, 60)
Sister(s) Elisabeth St. Clair (younger sister, 53)
Other Family Sophie St. Clair (nee Bennett, sister-in-law, 58); Anne Richardson (niece, 30), James “Jimmy” Richardson (nephew-in-law, 31), Julie Richardson (grand-niece, 3)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Juliet has always been driven to succeed and ideally to succeed in a way that was visible to her superiors. That urge made her an asset while undercover, as she was eager to please those in charge of the organizations she was infiltrating. As an Intelligence Officer aboard starships or starbases, she was driven to impress, and so when a command opportunity became available numerous superiors recommended her for the job. She also has an eye for strategy and will play the long game to achieve her goals.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Brilliant
+Excellent strategist
+Expert infiltrator / Master of disguise
+Intensely loyal to her friends

-Because of her hair, she stands out
-Craves the approval of her superiors
-Hasn’t gotten a good night sleep for over a decade
Ambitions When she first joined Starfleet Intelligence, she had no ambitions beyond doing her duty. But when she began being recognized for her good work, she started to crave more attention. She climbed the ranks quickly, and even as a flag officer, she still wishes to ascend the ranks and be remembered for her role in shaping Starfleet. One day, she would wish to command Starfleet Intelligence.
Hobbies & Interests Juliet is a social person and loves spending time with her contemporaries. In her youth, she was the rare intelligence officer who can generally be trusted. She spends her off-hours in public spaces, talking with crew, or sometimes simply reading or people-watching. She still loves to read and people-watch, and remains social as best as possible.

Personal History Juliet Emma St. Clair was born in 2342 to Roger and Katherine St. Clair, a factory supervisor and a history professor, respectively. She is the middle child, with one older brother and one younger sister. The family was very close and generally happy. They lived in Birmingham, on the island of Great Britain.

By age 12, Juliet already knew she wanted to join Starfleet, but wasn’t precisely sure what she wanted to do there. Her parents encouraged her to try her hand at a variety of activities. She was poor in science and engineering, but had a sharp mind and excellent interpersonal skills. She also had a fascination with spy fiction, new and old, and thus got interested in the Intelligence stream. At age 18, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy. She was a dedicated student who did well in courses on starship operations but absolutely excelled in Intelligence training. She learned all about gathering information, analyzing it, condensing it into reports for consumption by decision-makers, and coming up with well-informed opinions on the quality of Intelligence reports. She became an expert analyst and after graduation was posted to the USS Banshee, a Nebula-class ship with a robust signals intelligence apparatus.

A few years later, Juliet returned to Earth for a course on Advanced Infiltration. She learned the art of deep undercover tradecraft. At the end of the course, she spent six months undercover gathering intelligence on Cardassian-occupied Bajor. She sent troop movement and military strength information back to Starfleet, but at month six she was captured by the Cardassians. She spent two weeks in the care of the Obsidian Order, where she was subjected to various physical and psychological tortures.

Before she could completely break, Juliet was retrieved by the USS Mjolnir, an Excelsior-class that had been modified to be a dedicated combat vessel, which caught up with the Cardassian transport bringing Juliet from Bajor back to Cardassia for trial. Mjolnir was under the command of Evelyn Porter, a woman Juliet looked up to in her Academy days, when Porter instructed several intelligence courses. The Captain recognized Juliet from the Academy and offered her a position in her intelligence department, along with a promotion to Lieutenant jg. She continued to do infiltration work, stopping gangs on the moons of Nibia and foiling a bombing plot at a conference on Rigel V.

In 2368, Captain Porter selected Juliet for a deep undercover mission on Farius Prime, a world rife with corruption. The Orion Syndicate held most practical power. Under the alias Jolene Carver, a young woman orphaned in the Cardassian War, she slowly infiltrated a local gang and worked her way into the inner circle of the Orion Syndicate. The Orions supported their armies well; she gained significant personal wealth over the span of two and a half years, collecting trophies, weapons, and a small vault of latinum. In late 2370, Juliet finally made contact with the leader of Farius Prime’s Orion Syndicate branch, a large Orion man named Narhal. The night they met, she seduced him, knocking him out before things went too far, secured his personal database, containing the names of all Syndicate officials on Farius Prime, and called for immediate exfiltration. The USS Mjolnir arrived in time to arrest Narhal and used the intelligence Juliet gathered to make more than a dozen raids.

For her work, Juliet was brought back to Earth and awarded the Cochrane !edal of Excellence by Starfleet Chief of Staff Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev. She adored the praise of her superiors and contemporaries alike, and decided that she wanted to be recognized for her work as much as possible. She was promoted to full Lieutenant and granted entry into an Advanced Command Training program and given the position of Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the New Orleans-class frigate USS Lancer.

At the start of the Dominion War, Juliet’s undercover skills were put to good use once again. With the rank of Lieutenant Commander, she was deposited on Betazed shortly after the Dominion invaded it. Playing the role of a Human civilian in the wrong place at the wrong time, she openly expressed disdain for the Federation for leaving her to die, allowing her to get a bit closer to Cardassians and Vorta on the planet. She was almost compromised once, when she recognized one of the Guls as someone who was a Glen in the unit that captured her a decade earlier. She managed to kill him before he could identify her. The information Juliet gave Starfleet assisted greatly in the liberation of the world the following year.

Upon her return from Betazed, for which Juliet was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor, now-Admiral Porter recommended her for the position of First Officer of the USS Jupiter, an Akira-class ship which helped gather intelligence against the Dominion, especially at the war’s end, where monitoring of Dominion withdrawal and Cardassian and Breen disarmament was necessary. The Jupiter was involved in the incident with the USS Premonition in early 2376. Her involvement in the Premonition and Omega Molecule crisis earned Juliet a promotion to Commander.

The CO of the Jupiter, Captain Sokon, was killed during a Starfleet attack against a Borg Transwarp Portal at the start of the 2377 Borg and Species 8472 invasions. Juliet was given temporary command during the crisis. The arrangement was made permanent once the Borg and Species 8472 were defeated. With Juliet in command, the Jupiter patrolled much of the Federation, cycling between Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian theatres. In 2380, she was promoted to Captain.

In 2384, Juliet was ordered to take command of the USS Tucker, a dedicated intelligence gathering ship of the Diligent-class. Her mission was to gather information about the growing Cardassian threat, especially that posed by the nascent Order of Twelve. When Mars was devastated by the synth attack against Utopia Planitia in 2385, the Diligent was reassigned to identify threats within the Federation, occasionally venturing near Romulan and Klingon space for additional operations. She monitored the fall of the Romulan Star Empire, the rise of the Romulan Free State, and the rise of the Sovereignty of Kahless in Klingon space.

In February 2390, Juliet St. Clair was promoted to Commodore and given the position of Executive Officer of Task Force 93, operating out of Deep Space Six and later the Devron Fleet Yards. Over the next nine years, the comparatively young Flag Officer helped oversee Starfleet operations across the Beta Quadrant, including the Klingon Empire’s efforts against the Sovereignty of Kahless. She became an expert on the Empire and its politics. While her superior officer, Admiral Kara Thrace, focussed on the Romulan theatre, Juliet focussed on the Klingons.

In 2399, Juliet was given command of the USS Saturn NCC-28400, for use as her personal flagship in dealing with issues around Klingon space. She was also given an office out of Starbase 86, a new Aurora-class facility near the Klingon border.
Service Record 2360-2361: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Freshman Cadet)

2361-2362: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Sophomore Cadet)

2362-2363: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Junior Cadet)

2363-2364: Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Senior Cadet)

2364-2366: Intelligence Analyst, USS Banshee (Ensign)

2366-2367: Advanced Infiltration Training (Ensign)

2367: Deep undercover mission on Bajor (Ensign)

2367-2368: Intelligence Officer and Infiltration Specialist, USS Mjolnir (Lieutenant jg)

2368-2370: Deep undercover mission on Farius Prime (Lieutenant jg)

2370-2371: Advanced Command Training (Lieutenant)

2371-2374: Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Lancer (Lieutenant)

2374-2375: Deep undercover mission on Dominion-occupied Betazed (Lieutenant Commander)

2375-2376: Executive Officer, USS Jupiter (Lieutenant Commander)

2376-2377: Executive Officer, USS Jupiter (Commander)

2377-2380: Commanding Officer, USS Jupiter (Commander)

2380-2384: Commanding Officer, USS Jupiter (Captain)

2384-2390: Commanding Officer, USS Tucker (Captain)

23-2399: Task Force Executive Officer, Task Force 93 (Commodore)

2399-present: Task Force Executive Officer, Task Force 93 and Commanding Officer, USS Saturn (Commodore)