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Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 8:21pm by Vice Admiral Kara Thrace

Mission: Guess who is coming to dinner
Location: War Room, DS6

The CMO had patched Kara up after her meeting with the Senior Staff before scurrying out the the room and nearly bumping into another officer.

Batai tugged on his uniform top with his free hand, even though he knew his uniform was spotless. He was nervous about the meeting he was about to have, and what would happen afterwards. Leaning on the cane he'd be using while his nerves healed in his legs, he slowly approached the door to the office and pressed the chime.

Kara had been reviewing Captain Batai's rather cryptic report on his last mission over breakfast with Captain Roman Valdez when she heard the chime. "Enter" she called out to the computer comm system. As the doors parted to allow access to Batai, Roman stood, gave the Admiral a cheeky smile and Batai a kurt nod before excusing himself. Kara gestured for the chair opposite her at her desk "please"

Nodding, Batai slowly made his way to the open chair, lowering himself into it, and resting the cane against the desk. Sitting as straight as he could, he said "Captain Batai Dhej reporting as ordered Admiral. I understand you wanted to meet with me in person?" He tried as hard as he could to keep the tension out of his voice, but couldn't help worrying that he had been called to the station for a demotion, or worse.

Kara could clearly see the nerves in the younger Captains face as he finally took his seat, she tried a different approach for what was there first face to face meeting "How is the leg" she asked with a smile across her face as she leaned forward at her desk

Knowing the question would likely be coming, Batai replied "My legs are slowly getting better Admiral, but they are not great. Our Doctor Phaedra has been working with me with physical therapy and nerve treatments to assist with repairing the neurological damage."

Giving her best reassuring smile, Kara sat back in her chair "Ive read Doctor Phaedra's report, Im sure everything that can be done, is being... it'll just take time Batai"

Taking a sip of her coffee from the desk, Kara had a quick glance at her terminal before continuing.

"I have classified your mission summary, I didn't feel it was something to be shared on subspace particularly with the tensions in the area... I'd rather have your report in person Captain"

Nodding, he replied "I understand Admiral, That is also why the report was, a bit vague to be honest. I know that any information and experience with Mirror or Parallel Realities is considered confidential. I will certainly give you as much information as I can." Pausing, he took a breath to compose himself and added somewhat quietly, "I do have to say Admiral, that I am still having a hard time processing the ... torture and violations that were inflicted on me by my captors. I apologize in advance if I am more than a bit emotional and speak too freely. It is hard to remain objective about everything right now."

"I understand Batai" Kara said, again giving her best reassuring smile she could muster, the report she had received and classified was brief and short on content but she could tell that the CO of the Sirona endured much much more than he was probably going to tell her today "Have you had much time to visit any of the counsellors on DS-6?"

Shaking his head, Batai replied "No Admiral. I haven't had the chance to explore the stations' facilities yet. To be honest, I'm still working through how to deal with the ... trauma of my experience." Feeling himself start to get emotional, he unconsciously wiped at his eye, worried that a tear would escape and cause him to lose his composure. Clearing his throat, he said "Forgive me for speaking so casually Admiral, but where would you like me to start in my report? I did give the facts of what happened to me in as general detail as I could, knowing that any specific details could be dangerous if they were to get out." Struggling to keep himself professional, he straightened his posture in his chair, ignoring the slight pain it caused him, but a small grimace did cloud his features.

Kara could tell that Batai was in pain, she was slightly concerned that he hadn't taken the time to visits the councillors on DS6 yet ut trusted in her CO's to do what was right. "Captain, please feel free to relax" she said before pushing forward with the de-brief "I'd like to know exactly how you got to the mirror universe and what interactions you had while there... and their potential long term impact on that universe"

Nodding, he replied "I'll do my best to be brief, but detailed Admiral. Everything started with our shoreleave trip to Risa. My XO, Lieutenant Commander Elsie Barnett and I had agreed to meet for dinner on our second night. She showed up early, and was in a strange outfit. I was a bit confused, especially when she began flirting with me, and trying to approach me with some sort of device. Eventually I realized she wasn't who she appeared to be, and when I tried to escape, she shot me in the leg with a high intensity phaser blast." Pausing, he took a breath and added "Soon after, I found myself on their ship, and eventually was informed that we had transferred to the Mirror Universe. The person, who was not Commander Barnett, attempted to have me agree to help them with a conflict they were having with another faction."

Sighing, he added "I found out that the function they wanted me to fill was to impersonate their Batai Dhej, who had been killed by a spurned lover, named Astria, who had the Dhej symbiont forcibly implanted in her. I of course resisted, and was eventually tortured in a device they call the Agony Booth. I also had my mind probed by one of their telepaths. Eventually I agreed to their demands, as they threatened to kill me and destroy my ship if I didn't." Wiping at a tear that had run down his cheek, he took a breath to steady himself, and continued. "After I agreed to their demands, they forced a chip into my brain that downloaded relevant information to help me pass as their Dhej. I apologize that I don't know if it worked both ways, taking information from my mind as well. Eventually I was able to make contact with my ship, and broadcast the shield frequency so I could be beamed out and rescued." Shaking his head, he added "There were some other, experiences that happened that I don't know how to talk about right now. Regardless, the Terrans are certainly a threat to our universe due to the fact that they apparently can create rifts to enter our universe. They also seem to know about our people, as they were able to find me and abduct me."

Reaching out across the desk, Kara put her hand out and patted Batai's as a gesture of reassurance and understanding that the experience must have been tough. "I understand Captain, did you manage to gather any data on how they are creating a rift and entering our universe"

Nodding, Batai replied "Yes Admiral. My crew was able to work with the information Commander Barnett obtained rather... interestingly, from Admrial Ruk, along with our readings of the rift itself, to find out how they are created, and how to close them. I will be sure to have that information forwarded to you as soon as I can."

Taking a moment to reflect on Batai's report, clearly still hurting from his ordeal both emotionally and physically "Did you manage to gather any intelligence on their current operations, how many factions there are... key figures within their cells? Anything that might suggest who, if anyone they may target again?"

Thinking for a moment, he replied "I didn't have much exposure to a lot of other members of the Empire, but I do know that their Commander Barnett is some sort of regional commander, and that the woman who murdered Dhej and is carrying the symbiont is Astria. She was an acquaintance of mine when I was younger, but we lost touch. Beyond that, I'm not sure who they would target, but likely they would try to access our versions of anyone they could use as leverage in the power struggles." Pausing, he added "I've learned that they are quite, focused, for lack of a better word, on solidifying their grip on power, and will do what they can to achieve their goals."

Kara could see that Batai was struggling both emotionally and physically now, as he filled her in on the latest details - most concerning was the 'grip of power' the Terrans wanted to solidify. "Thank you Captain, I will personally brief Starfleet intelligence of your report" Kara tapped a few command into the console on her desk as she spoke "I am also classifying all records and logs from the Sirona during your time in this 'mirror universe' and unfortunately, I have to order you to refrain from discussing the details of your mission with anyone outside your crew... the same orders stand for them. Is there anything else I should know just now Captain?"

Shaking his head, Batai replied "Not right now Admiral, except that I will not be returning to full duty for a short time, as I need to recover from my injuries. Commander Barnett will be handling the day to day duties in my stead." Pausing, he added "I do have a quick question however Admiral. Do you have any orders for our next mission, or will they be coming down as the need arises?"

Kara was concerned that Batai wouldn't be returning to full duties but trusted his decision was the right one, she didn't really know him all to well yet. Glancing at the monitor on her desk, she scrolled through a list of updated and activities going on around the Task Force area of operations, looking for something low key to keep the Sirona busy but not anything to testing "Yes Captain, take the Sirona to Ailea IV, its a prosperous planet, kean to join the Federation, the Counci haven't even considered their application for the 2nd time yet but they could do with some wining and dining from some of Starfleets finest.... think your up to it?"

Nodding, Batai replied "That sounds like an interesting challenge Admiral, I look forward to receiving the mission brief once I'm back on the ship." Pausing he added "Also, thank you for your understanding of how difficult my experience with the Terrans has been for me. I appreciate it." Receiving a nod, he stood, and slowly made his way out of her office, en route back to the Sirona.


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